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Mouth Guards With Smart Family Dental

A mouth guard is a small, soft plastic or laminate device used to prevent damage that would be done to the mouth or jaw. Mouth guards are very important for sports and are recommended for protecting your jaw, mouth, tongue, teeth, and cheek lining.

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Why Should I Use A Mouth Guard?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), over 200,000 oral injuries are prevented each year due to the use of a mouthguard. Physical activities such as football, wrestling, hockey, and rugby, not only recommend mouth guards but often require their players to wear mouth guards as a precautionary measure.


Not using a proper mouth guard while playing sports can lead to one of many different dental crises. Some of these include:

Severe Jaw Injury -In many full contact sports, the jaw is fully exposed and, without a mouth guard, prone to injury. If the jaw is strained or damaged too severely, surgery may be needed, which can result in a lengthy healing process, including the possibility of having your mouth wired shut.

Lost Tooth - Although teeth can be repaired, rebuilt, or re-implanted, losing a tooth as an adult can be painful, especially if its from contact.  Wearing a preventative mouth guard can be the difference between losing a tooth and keeping your smile.

Lacerations - People with braces face a further struggle when it comes to sports. With metal braces, comes an increased probability of lacerations to the inside of the mouth and cheeks. A custom mouth guard can help prevent not only unwanted pain and discomfort but also an unwanted trip to the dentist.

Concussion - Getting hit in a full-contact sport is no joke, and your equipment to prevent injury should be just as serious. Studies in 2014-2015 showed a significant decrease in the number of concussions received by players who wore custom mouth guards as opposed to over the counter styles and brands.

How To Maintain My Mouth Guard

Much like all equipment, proper maintenance will increase the lifespan of your custom mouth guard. After each use, your mouth guard should be cleaned with a brush and cold water and stored in a well-ventilated storage container when not being used.

Mouth guards are molded with heat, so once they have been crafted and cooled, heat is detrimental. Avoid leaving your mouth guard in a hot car, or gym bag to maintain it's structural integrity.

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